Private tuition

Do you need practice before your exam?
Do you need to work on a particular  language skills?
Do you need a different type of explanations and support?

Contact me 

Free consultation to:
  • Assess your language needs and requirements

  • Discuss options and methods suitable for you 

  • Agree on the format of your tuition

The consultation will be carried out over the phone or via email.


One-to-one tuition: £20 per hour session

Two people: £36 per hour session    (£18 per person)

Three people: £51 per hour session  (£17 per person)

Four people: £64 per hour session   (£16 per person)

  • Note that unless you cancel a session at least 48 hours before the session is due to take place, then the session will be charged at the agreed fee.
  • For sessions involving more than one person, in the absence of one or more people, the revised appropriate fee will apply provided the absentee(s) cancelled at least 48 hours before the session is due to take place (e.g. 4 people session with 2 people absent, revised fee = £36 for the session). Otherwise, the agreed fee will apply (e.g. 4 people session = £64)